Late Night Chides Donald Trump for a Lack of Self-Control

Late Night Chides Donald Trump for a Lack of Self-Control

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A judge threatened to remove Donald Trump from court on Wednesday after he could be heard muttering disparaging comments during E. Jean Carroll’s second defamation suit against the former president.

“A judge actually had to tell a former president of the United States, ‘You can’t control yourself,’” Seth Meyers said on Thursday. “He can’t even control an umbrella.”

“Things are so crazy right now. In a year, Trump is either going to be president again, or we’re going to see him in Times Square offering to take pictures with tourists next to Elmo and Spider-Man.” — SETH MEYERS

[imitating a Southerner] I know it’s gonna break Uncle-Daddy’s heart, but I think we’re better off as friends.” — JIMMY FALLON

“Look, the guy lives in a small town, and he’s got a very hot cousin. What are you going to do?” — JIMMY KIMMEL

Jimmy Fallon went busking in the subway with the Grammy-winning punk trio Green Day for Thursday’s “Tonight Show.”

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