Judge Chutkan Pauses Trump Case Proceedings


The gag order is still in effect, she noted.

U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan paused court proceedings in the election case against former President Donald Trump, pending his appeal to dismiss the case entirely based on presidential immunity.

“The court agrees with both parties that Defendant’s appeal automatically stays any further proceedings that would move this case towards trial or impose additional burdens of litigation on Defendant,” she wrote. “The court hereby stays the deadlines and proceedings scheduled by its Pretrial Order.”

Judge Chutkan clarified that this would pause the pretrial deadlines, not vacate them.

“If jurisdiction is returned to this court, it will—consistent with its duty to ensure both a speedy trial and fairness for all parties—consider at that time whether to retain or continue the dates of any still-future deadlines and proceedings, including the trial scheduled for March 4, 2024,” the order reads.

The pause on proceedings does not lift the gag order or protective order over classified materials, she added.

“Nonetheless, if he asks the court reviewing his immunity appeal to also take temporary jurisdiction over the enforcement of those measures, and that court agrees to do so, this court of course will be bound by that decision.”

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