Aaron Rodgers responds to Jimmy Kimmel after pushback on Jeffrey Epstein comment

Aaron Rodgers responds to Jimmy Kimmel after pushback on Jeffrey Epstein comment

Aaron Rodgers has responded to Jimmy Kimmel after the late-night host threatened legal action over the New York Jets quarterback’s comments that appeared to imply Kimmel’s name might be linked to the convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. Kimmel angrily denied it, and his name is not mentioned in any of the newly released documents related to Epstein

Rodgers addressed Kimmel’s remarks on the “Pat McAfee Show” and he said he understands “how serious an allegation of pedophilia would be for [Kimmel] to get upset at,” but denied his comments had gone that far. 

“I’m not stupid enough to accuse you of that with absolutely zero evidence… I’m glad you’re not on the list because those who are on the list — and this what I think we can agree on — that at minimum there should be an inquiry into their involvement, especially if they went to the island,” he said. “And at maximum, there should be an investigation.” 

“I’m glad that Jimmy is not on the list,” he added. “I really am.” 

Aaron Rodgers addressed his recent feud with late night host Jimmy Kimmel on the “Pat McAfee Show” on Tuesday.

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On Monday night, Kimmel started his show by bringing up his recent dispute with Rodgers, who seemingly insinuated on the Pat McAfee Show last week that Kimmel didn’t want a supposed list of Epstein associates to come out. 

“I’m not on the list,” he said. “I was not on a plane or an island or anything ever, and I suggested that if Aaron wanted to make false and very damaging statements like that, we should do it in court so that he can share his proof with a judge.”

Kimmel also addressed critics who say that as a comedian on a late night show, he often pokes fun of other people. 

“And as far as the ‘Well, you say things about people all the time’ argument goes, yes, I do,” Kimmel said. “It’s not the same. It’s not even close to the same. We say a lot of things on this show. We don’t make up lies.” 

Kimmel said if he gets it wrong on show then he would apologize, and encouraged Rodgers to do the same.

“If he does, you know what I’ll do? I’ll accept his apology and move on, but he probably won’t do that. My guess is that he won’t apologize. I hope I’m wrong,” Kimmel said. Rodgers did not apologize to Kimmel on Tuesday. 

On his end, McAfee tried to defuse the conflict during his show last week and again on Tuesday. 

“Pumped you’re not on that list,” McAfee said. “Because obviously, we’ve all been Jimmy fans since way back. Way back.”

The back-and-forth between the TV host and the QB goes back to 2021, when Kimmel criticized Rodgers for refusing to get the COVID-19 vaccine after the then-Green Bay Packers player misled the public by saying he was “immunized” against the virus. And last year, Kimmel poked fun at Rodgers after Rodgers suggested on the Pat McAfee Show that the increased discussion over UFO sightings could be a distraction from Epstein’s client list.

Since last week, hundreds of documents have been released that were part of a now-settled civil lawsuit against British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell — who was found guilty of conspiring with Epstein to sexually abuse underage girls for at least a decade— brought by Virginia Giuffre, who accused Maxwell of recruiting her for abuse. Much of the information in the documents has been previously reported, and many of those whose names are mentioned are not accused of any wrongdoing.

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